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One piece of jewellery…nine makers.

​‘Matching items Available’ sees nine art jewellers transform a mass-produced, fast-fashion necklace into something wholly different.

These reworked pieces exude craft, imagination and creative ingenuity distinctive of the art jewellery approach.

This brief was set to question, confront and push conceptions of jewellery and to ultimately invigorate our individual practices to show ‘Made to Make’ as a collective that is proactive in creating opportunities and platforms to display work and engage with the jewellery community at large.

Within the art jewellery community, the Internet is an invaluable tool of learning, display and connection. Reflecting the value of social media in the visibility of art jewellery Made to Make embraced the virtual space of the Internet for Schmuck 2013, with the integration of Twitter and Youtube within the exhibition. Creating a sensory experience in the virtual venue, with the aid of photographic, video and audio ‘sketches’ provided by each artist.

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